Wednesday, 10 June 2015

New Lodgers at the BeesofSpike Apiary

After a bit of a hiatus, it looks like the LandofBees is back in business.

There are lodgers in the BeesofSpike Apiary.

Hive Number 2, which was still in place on its stand and hadn't been sealed, seems to have been deemed fit for purpose by a passing local swarm and colonised.

I've not got into the hive yet as I've only just found them, but at first glance it's looking pretty good. 
The guys look focussed and very busy. And there's a constant coming and going of foragers.
The guards are active and, judging from the debris which has been chucked off the front of the landing board, they've already had a fair old go at cleaning up their new home.
It smells right too.

The bees are back
I'll fire up the smoker and pop the top off their box tomorrow morning, give them the once over and draw up a tenancy agreement.
It looks like, despite my protestations that I'm too busy for bees this year, a local swarm has decided otherwise, and that I'm now a beekeeper again!

The LandofSpike has been very much a lesser place without its Bee-Loud Glade at the bottom of the garden so, once we know that the guys are healthy and strong, it'll be time for a little celebration.

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